ip research services

Research solutions driven by comprehensive technology and IP expertise

Patentability search:

Considering filing an application for a patent? A patentability search performed by our subject matter experts will help you to:

Make an informed file/no-file decision

Optimise prosecution costs

Obtain a high quality patent application

Freedom-to-operate search:

Planning to commercialise a technology? Use the freedom-to-operate search to pre-emptively identify infringement risks and safe harbours

Evidence-of-use (EoU) analysis:

Looking to engage in patent transactions or initiate discussions with a potential licensing partner? The EoU serves as an invaluable collateral, providing a substantive confirmation of a patented technology’s usage by a target product

Analysis of standard essential patents (SEPs):

Confirm the essentiality of a patent to a target standard via claim-to-standard mapping performed by our subject matter experts. Use the analysis as tangible collateral in licensing negotiations and IP transactions

Our team’s expertise spans across multiple standards including:

4G and 5G

IEEE 802.11 family of standards

Multimedia standards such as H.264 (AVC), H.265 (HEVC) and H.266 (VVC)

Validity search:

Use a validity search to identify the ‘silver bullet’ prior art, which enables you to:

Challenge the validity of asserted claims of patents in litigation

File post grant procedures such as inter partes review (US) and opposition (Europe) on competitors’ patents

Verify validity over prior art before commercialising your patent portfolio

Verify patent validity before initiating IP transactions (sell/ purchase)

Portfolio mining:

Leverage on our subject matter experts and processes based on industry best practices for an objective assessment of your patent portfolio. Use the insights for decision making around out-licensing, portfolio restructuring and transactions (sell/ purchase)

Technology intelligence report:

Use patent data-based intelligence to get actionable insights for:

IP filing and monetisation strategy

R&D strategy

Competitor due diligence and benchmarking

Patent watch:

Ensure proactive due diligence via periodic monitoring of patenting activity by your key competitors or in specific technology domains